RedSleeve Wikia

Generic RedSleeve RootFS[]

The latest RedSleeve root file system images can be downloaded from here.

There are images for several devices available. Note that rootfs images tend to be very minimal. You will almost certainly need to install the packages you intend to use after you get the machine up and running, including security related packages like iptables and selinux-policy (if your kernel supports selinux).

Note that the first virtual terminal on our RSEL6 images doesn't get a getty. The reason for this is that running getty with --noclear is messy, and if you run it on the first vtty without --noclear, it clears the boot log which is useful for figuring out if one of the services is failing to start. Once you have it booting, press Alt-F2 to get a login prompt.

The default root password is "password".